Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well, it may not be long, but it's a post...

They still run air raid drills in Switzerland.

Twice a year, on a Wednesday in the mid afternoon, sirens blare all over town in two minute increments for upwards of 20 minutes.

I was laying here talking a nap about an hour ago when all of a sudden-WWII flashbacks. (well, flashbacks from movies) Sirens wailing, the kids were screaming and I didn't have a damn clue as to what was going on. Super scary for about 5 minutes, until Stephanie explained what was going on.

I automatically jump to a WWII reference because Schaffhausen was accidently bombed by US forces in April of 1944. It desroyed most of downtown and killed approx. 40 people (according to wikipedia anyway)

So yeah, I thought the Allied Forces were about to kill me, and that has been the most exciting thing to happen in a week.

The kids have been sick. I have been sick. I have been throwing up A LOT lately and think I am developing food allergies. Keeping a cool little food diary now, so I'll let you know how that turns out.

Other than that, no news is good news I guess. I could write more, but it would mostly be all whiney and emo, and who wants to read that? Probably not you, that's for sure.

In the highlight reel, I have a 4 day weekend coming up, Whitney is coming to visit over Valentine's, I have been invited to Amsterdam at the end of the month (though I don't think I have the money to go) and one of my closest friends got engaged recently. Yay Jordan & Chad!

Anyway, I am really craving  chocolate ice cream, so away I go...I'll try to write more another day, depending on if I have anything more to say...