Friday, April 30, 2010


TGIF...that about sums it up, huh? The kids have been on school vacation, so we've been hanging out all week, and I am more than ready for my day off tomorrow. I mean, I love hanging out with them (obviously, or I wouldn't be here) but 5 days in a row is exhausting.

I will say this though, to the people who said I wasn't responsible enough to have my own dog (DAD), if I can manage 2 preschoolers, I can definitely handle a dog. I mean, I feed them, make sure they drink enough water, discipline them, clean up after them, take them for walks and play with them. Plus, unlike a puppy, I also have to teach them how to get dressed on their own, proper sentence structure and how to count. Plus, children need things like manners and morality. So that's it, when I get home I'm getting a puppy. (As soon as it's in the budget anyway)

Wednesday was fun--Stephanie took the kids and me to an animal/attractions park about an hour from here. We saw bears, deer, a warthog, miniature ponies and goats. Plus there were other animals we didn't see. We went on a train ride though the park and the kids got to ride go carts and mechanical horses. There was also a huge playground and a couple of those giant bubble trampolines. (my favorite) Plus, one of those giant slides you go down on a potato sack, which the kids LOVED. I think they would've played on that all day if we had let them. Which, thank God, we didn't. 5 flights of stairs for >30 seconds of slide time is NOT my idea of a good time. But that trampoline......I could've jumped on that thing all day.....

I was planning to take the kids on a boat ride down the Rhine either yesterday or today, but, well, I didn't. I developed a weird itchy rash all over my arms of unknown origin over the past few days amd my dad thought it might be a sun allergy, so he suggested I stay inside for a day to see if it went away. I was so upset when he suggested I might be allergic to sunlight. I mean, I am an absolute sun goddess. I could spend an entire just laying in the sun, reading a book or listening to my ipod. I don't think it  was the sun though, as yesterday was the worst day and I didn't go outside at all. I mean, it itched so bad that I was literally in tears. I finally made some oatmeal and put that all over it to calm the itch. Which definitely helped, but was super gross.

Even more disgusting though, was Stephanie's suggestion...she told me to smear cream cheese up and down my arms and leave it on for about an hour. There is something in the cheese that cools and calms the itch, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Thankfully, it's starting to go away and it doesn't really itch anymore.
So today I was going to take the kids on that boat ride, and then it was supposed to rain. They were super bummed when I told them we couldn't go this morning, but I quickly distracted them by offering to make pizza for lunch. I think they were more excited about that than they were about the boat ride. LoL We had cheese pizza and salad for lunch and then took a walk downtown. I was hoping we could take a later boat, but I forgot like everything (sunglasses, water bottles, snacks) so  we just tooled around downtown for a bit before coming home and having ice cream bars.

Now the kids are running around in the backyard with dandilions tucked behind their ears (don't ask) and I'm going to do a little cleaning before dinner at six. Kind of annoying that it didn't actually rain today.

I have tomorrow off, but everything is closed because it's some kind of holiday in Switzerland. I'll probably take my book down to the river if it's nice. (Right now they're predicting a high of 62 and some  showers. I work again Sunday because Stephanie has a fligh (and I have to work almost everyday between May 1 and Brandi's arrival so I don't have to use "vacation time" while she is here) but the kids will spend the afternoon with their dad, so I can paint my nails and shave my legs and whatever. :)

Again, TGIF friends. Have a great weekend!