Wednesday, March 24, 2010

(Surprise) Party && Then Some

Because I finished German classes (YAY), Stephnanie threw me a bit of a party last night. She and I, along with her sister, her sister's boyfriend and a neighbor couple had a Chinese fondue dinner last night-so much fun! I've only ever had cheese/chocolate fondue, where you dip things in and then eat it and this was so different....and very delicious. Basically, in the fondue pot there is boiling beef stock and you stick bits of meat in to cook. While they were cooking, we ate boiled potatoes, hearts of palm, asparagus spears, pickled sweet onions, baby cucumbers and pineapple balls. And Stephanie's sister made several different sauces to dip everything in. There was curry sauce, garlic sauce (my favorite), cocktail sauce, "white" sauce and a sauce made from the pepper Stephanie brought back from S. Africa. Everything was so good and I haven't eated that much in a looong time. I was still sore when I woke up. Gross. Plus, I had a real nice buzz going, as Stephanie poured me a glass of white wine, a glass of prozeco (like champagne), and three (or was it four?) glasses of red wine during dinner.

With that unusually large amount of alcohol in me (well, unusual for Switzerland) I was able to give a decent performance of my learned German, as well as hold an entire conversation in Spanish with Alex (Nicole's boyfriend). Nicole laughed and said she had never seen me drink this much and I was during into a Beneker. I was like, "No, I'm just being Alyssa." I then had to explain to her that I was uncomfortable drinking copious amounts in front of them in the beginning. I was afraid they'd be like, "Oh my God, did we really bring this total lush over to care for the children?" Stephanie said she wouldn't have judged me like that at all, but that she could understand where I was coming from, wanting to make a good impression.

Yesterday and today the weather was BEAUTIFUL with temperatures topping out at around 70 degrees today and very sunny! Since I had today off, I spent the afternoon reading "Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass" and sunbathing along the Rhine. I even got a bit of a sun burn on my cheeks. great!

I went for another run tonight and went farther/faster than I have in a while. I nearly died. I'm not very good with distance and I explained the route it wouldn't make sense to you, put let me put it this way: Stephanie was impressed. She was like, "You went that far, that fast? Wow!" And then I collapsed onto a chair and spent the next 20 trying to get my heart rate down enough for me take a shower without passing out. I got several compliments and encouragement after I last talked about my athletic endeavors, so let me be straight with you....I am doing this for purely cosmetic reasons. True I don't want to get diabetes/heart disease/cancer/dead, but I mostly want to wear a swimsuit and have a flat stomach. Plus, I am closer to 200 now than 100 and that is just fucking gross. (pardon my language) Being 5'7", I should weigh somewhere around 143lbs. and I am FAR beyond that. Like 10+ lbs beyond that. Ugh. So yeah, time to bust ass. Time's a-wastin and I need to get a move on.

So now I ask all of you a favor. Help me stay on track and reach my (undisclosed) target weight before I get back to 'Merica. Just send me a messgae asking if I ran today, reminding me to stay out of the chocolate, etc. I know this blog is supposed to be about the kids and whatever, but i'm about to take this to a whole new level. I don't blame you if you want to jump ship. So that's that.

Finally, I want to share with all of you the biggest compliment I have gotten yet. I friend recently started her own blog after following mine for a while. She said I inspired her. I've never thought of myself as an inspiring, or able to inspire others and her telling me that put a huge smile on my face. So, thanks Hillary! I can't wait to read what you have to say!


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